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. a new problem involving a troubled aircraft, the announcement came in just hours ago. temperatures will be on the high side, we are warming up. and the list of 100 best companies to work for is out, we will tell you which bay area companies landed on top. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning, welcome to a brand-new day, thursday january 17th, i am dave clark.
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>> and i am pam cook, steve said it was going to be a little warmer and it felt warmer not warm but warmer. >> i am concerned because i don't think my computer is loaded. we do have some 20s, 30s and 40s and now patchy fog is forming and more on temperatures by the coast, here is sal. things look good as you drive to the tunnel and on the other land side and also 237 heading west is also good as well. here is more at the desk. the norovirus is making its way back and last friday, dozens of students in lafayette became sick. health officials believe the highly contagious norovirus is to blame.
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according to the contra costa times the norovirus is one of the worst in the county. washing hands can help prevent you from getting sick. some say it is not too late to get a flu shot. they say it could be one of the worst flu seasons in years. doctors are still encouraging everybody to get vaccinated but it becomes up to -- it takes up to two weeks to become affective. it happened just a couple of hours ago with a troubled jet. they announced they were grounding because of safety concerns. this applies to all european carriers flying the 737 dreamliner and it will remain in effect concerning the
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batteries. >> the lithium is a real problem because you have a real worry of fire. >> the battery issue is a significant issue and i am glad somebody is looking out for travelers. >> san jose's airport has a dreamliner flight scheduled for tomorrow but that flight may take off with another aircraft. pleasanton police are looking for help to find a missing high school student. officers released this picture of morgan stanton and she was last seen leaving the high school. she may be headed to livermore. she is five feet tall with brown eyes. listing the best companies in america and a dozen bay area companies are on that list. janine de la vega tells us who
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is number one. google is back on top and ranked number one in this survey. >> reporter: it is 4th time it is ranked number one best to work for and you can see employees get to ride around on these free bikes. now this search engine offers free massages and a 7-acre sports complex. it showed google scored high in pay and fostering positive workplace and same sex marriages were important to employees. and bay area firms included on that list were net up and sunny veil, d pr construction, sales and adobe and cisco were ranked
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in the top 100. they is your raised asking about job satisfaction. they also asked about pay benefits training and adversity. they talked about these companies around the bay area to get their reaction. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama is urging americans who support his gun control proposals to put pressure on congress. the president unveiled his proposals yesterday aimed at reducing gun violent. the president said it is up the public to maintain action. >> they need to bring these proposals up for a vote and the american people need to make sure that they do. >> among other actions the
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president is urging congress to reinstate the ban and coming up we'll see how soon we can expect to see it work on the president's pro pass etoes sal. >> -- proposal. >> they have a right to bear arms but i don't think anybody needs assault type weapons. >> if you get robbed then you need protection. >> all gun buyers should have background checks. and they said they will be there to prevent a petition called for lifting caps on student health insurance. this by the way is the second day at the uc. if missing bay campus -- mission bay campus and it is called for in president barack obama's obama care overhaul.
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right now it has a lifetime cap of $400,000 and it is not enough to cover a serious chronic illness. >> let's look at the commune this morning. >> we are looking at some of the roads. it is early because this is a look at 880 westbound driving out to the mcarthur maze and no major problem going westbound into the city and it should not be a problem in any of those lanes getting into the city. and getting up to highway 17, that traffic is moving well getting into downtown san jose. let's go to steve. well, we have mostly clear skies although patchy fog and i
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mean there are some mid-40s so the fog once that develops inland, it could be tough ones you get it and bay and inland temperatures will and inland temperatures stay the same maybe creep up a couple of degrees and they will warm up with that offshore breeze and it is stronger for most but we have a little bit of haze around the edges and temperatures, 28 in concord, walnut creek 28 degrees and sometimes it is more like a damp cold versus a dry cold but temperatures are a little bit warmer closer to the bay. we were a lot colder and a few 60s and there will be a lot more today, sonoma novato, 62 for santa rosa, 54 antioch, 62
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oakland and berkeley and alameda 62 and low 60s, morgan hill, cupertino, same for daily city half-moon bay and 59 in san francisco. fog will be increasing in the valley but the coast and bay will continue to warm up and it looks quiet into the weekend. anybody can now own a piece of solyndra. solyndra owned more than half million and in 2011 is filed for bankruptcy. most of the equipment was auctioned off and in santa clara they scooped up many of the tube shaped modules scooped up for $10 each. many have to finds ways to get to school. the union is worried drivers could lose their jobs. more than 150,000 students are affected by the strikes
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including 5 4,000 children with special needs. gary coleman died this week in his bay area home town. >> the fact is i adopted willis and arnold. >> his name was comrade. he adopted two young african- american brothers and one of the top stars say it is one of the most heart wrenching days of his life. it was a family show that tackled social issues. comrade bane was 75 years old. a field outside of detroit getting so much attention. good morning southbound 680
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traffic looks good and there are some spots we have to tell you about that are coming up.
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. a woman crashed her suv into a pool in merced and a good samaritan rescued her. she missed her turn and crashed through an iron fence and landed in this swimming pool.
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a good samaritan grabbed the suv by the roof rack, pulled it to the edge of the pool and smashed out the back window to rescue her. she was not seriously hurt. and the high speed rail project, california rail officials are holding a conference in washington. they plan to announce they are working together to get high speed rail trains and equipment. president barack obama's new gun safety phase is up for a battle. here is kyla campbell reporting from our washington d.c. newsroom and it is not getting any closer despite several shootings in months. >> reporter: president barack obama counted on aurora and newtown connecticut to prompt gun control. dianne finestein said she and others will ban military
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assault style weapons but senate majority leader senator harry reid does not believe it will pass and they started putting together a ban and it's likely the senate will hold up or down president barack obama's plan. pat trilahey is the senate jew disks area -- judiciary chairman. >> spare me symbolic arguments and let's have a discussion about how to better protect our communities from mass shootings guaranteed by our supreme court. >> and president barack obama knows he needs to win over members of his own party before he can begin to target republican support and don't forget, the n ra has a lot of pull here on capitol hill. and the n ra is not backing down after releasing an ad attacking president barack obama's gun policies before
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they were even announced. i will have more on that kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. now we are hearing who may be president barack obama's next chief of staff. it will probably be dennis mcdonald. he would replace jack lew who the president nominated to be the new treasury secretary. and following a new lead in the jimmy who have that case -- jimmy h o f a. he spent a lot of years tied to organized crime. he disappeared from a detroit restaurant but he was told where jimmy's body was buried after he was released. well police in berkeley are searching for a man who was
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robbed at gunpoint. it opened 25 minutes after they opened for business and -- it happened 25 minutes after they opened for business. he got away with an underdisclosed amount of cash. james is being charged with the murder and they were seen leaving together and one man's body was later bound and gagged and his home had been burglarized. sal, i know it is early, how are we doing? >> we are okay and in fact this is the time when you are having a little bit of a break, dave if people want to get into the city for an important meeting or drive into the valley, let's look at 280, we are starting on the peninsular in fact from
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380, the drive time there is 8 minutes from 380 down to san mateo and right now it is nice. as you drive across from hayward to fremont. it also looked good. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is not bad at all. if we are driving on interstate 880 in oakland both directions look good. here is steve. well, we do have a little bit of patchy fog showing up in the valley, and i think things bottomed out air masswise, as far as every day it has been a little bit higher on the amount of moisture in the air and we get some fog, it will still be warmer coast and bay and there is still a component of an  easterly breeze and that can be a damp cold. it is a slow warmup especially from oakland over to half-moon bay down to santa cruz and it
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is definitely warming up into the north bay as well. the wind has really tailed off and some of the higher elevations and it is a little bit of an offshore push and temperatures follow suit with 20s and 30s. livermore 32, santa rosa 32. 47 by the way, san jose 34, month attain view -- mountain view 34 and most of this kicks in for conditions that will pick up and pick up over the weekend but right now things are quiet but it will be increased rapidly. it will not do anything weatherwise for us but it goes up and over with this system. a few 60s now, an east breeze makes it tough for contra costa and low 60s now in sonoma and
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62 in oakland and 62 in berkeley, 63 balmy degrees in santa cruz and pacifica and a half moon bay. inland temperatures will be stuck in the 50s with that fog. most of the european markets are trading in a low rank rank and many took losses. they are worried about the u.s. economy and japan nikkei was up only slightly and they look to the yen as a good sign for exports. trading yesterday, the dow jones industrial average started today at 13511 and right now it looks like a little bit of a higher opening across the board for all three major index. apple gained more than 4%
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closed at $500 a share boosting the nasdaq. apple's stock is down 28% from its all-time high last september but the cupertino based company remains worth $471 billion and right now it looks like it will trade up to $2 a share this morning. on the bay area, movies about steve jobs and they are about to premier. a great white shark encounter caught on tape by some nervous fishermen, how long it stuck around their boat. and plus you can get the morning's top stories while you are sleeping send straight to your cell phone at 6:00 a.m. text the word wake up by 70123.
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. two australian fishermen had a good look at a great white. they were fishing when this big guy circled their boat bouncing along the side of their boat even putting its nose on the engine. that is close. in chicago some people may have a hard time getting a good
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night's sleep. they released the worst cities with the worst bedbug infestations. chicago climbed to number one follow by los angeles, the bay area ranked 14th on the list. state regulators will introduce a new area code. the meeting was held yesterday and the 415 area code will be used up by 2015 and they are adding a 628 area code. the 415 covers marin county and in el cerrito tow, he hopes to change his. >> that is the biggest problem i see and other than that, most people are going online to do things in any event so i don't think it will be as important
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as it was 20 years ago. >> they say there are two main options, one to cut the city in half, east side would get one area code and the west side and marin county gets another one. another option is overlay where new numbers will be assigned an area code. scar face actor al pacino is coming together about the discrazed life of -- disgraced life of joe paterno. the movie will be based on the best selling book happy valley. joe paterno died shortly after he was fired as a result of the penn state child sex scandal. it officially start in utah and this year there are four
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movies with bay area ties. it takes a look at the shooting of bart police officer and another movie, steve jobs. it is starting ashton cup of char and -- cup of char and -- kuchar and again jeremy lynn. the movie kink, it is about a san francisco based pornography company. time now 5:25 let's check in with sal and see how we are moving, how is it looking, sal? >> as a matter of fact if you are driving around the bay area it has been a nice spot but we have had a few troubled spots. i want to look at northbound 280 and traffic looks good driving up through the area and there are no major problems here. also if you are driving on 680 past mission traffic is moving well. we are looking over to the high-
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rise from san mateo and that traffic looks good and dumbarton looks good as well. eastbound you should be aware of and 101 and 280 are still doing well and there is less than 10 minutes on that stretch. let's go to steve. there is still some patchy fog but over by half-moon bay 48 degrees and concord is in there child star of the 1970s san rafael, -- santa rosa, now it is kind of a damp fog and we have a dry forecast storm track stays to the north until next wednesday, but a warmer pattern and it is hazy coast and bay. low 60s mainly in the area near the coast and also santa clara
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valley. we have some warmer weather going into the weekend. we have developing news coming out of algeria, that hostage standoff involving americans has just turned violent maybe even deadly, we will have the very latest. what they will be revealing about san francisco restaurants starting today and it may make you think twice before you pick where to eat. the maverick surfing competition and we have more on what makes it possible.
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. good morning. welcome back. i am dave clark. >> and good morning, i am pam cook, thank you for joining us, let's check in with steve for the weather. >> 20s 30s and 40s coast and bay are definitely warming up with the benefit of that easterly breeze but when you get patchy fog, we have 50s to a few mid-60s, here is sal. good morning traffic is moving well in oakland on 880 and we have just learned about a bart delay, we actually learned about a bart recovery from dublin to fremont because of the earlier problems and it looks like that delay is going away. traffic is moving along pretty
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well as you head out to the mcarthur maze. 5:31 let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news in al jazeer. 35 hostages and 15 kidnappers were killed when army helicopters opened fire on the natural gas plant. so far authorities have not commented. they took hostages after ambushing the plant. earlier this morning there were reports that 20 hostages escaped including some americans. the kidnappings were revenge for what happened in molly. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is supposed to testify and secretary clinton will be asked about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and they will hold a confirmation hearing for
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clinton's successor senator steven kerry. coming up at 5:45 we will hear from two campaign volunteers about their upcoming trip to washington. and the time is now 5:32 new this morning the health ratings of some of your favorite san francisco restaurants are now posted online. joining us live she is at an all night diner telling us about the latest effort to improve food safety, tar a a? >> reporter: we are here and starting tomorrow we will have the opportunity to see how it fares when it comes to public health standards. he also hopes it will improve food safety nationwide. they are creating technical standards for restaurant health data for other sites and apps to use as well and we asked
5:35 am
customers if they would use it. >> they asked us to see if we would use it but the push would be going towards getting better ratings for restaurants to yes why not. >> now when you go on, you can see how expensive a dish is and how customers rate it but you can't see how it is rated by the health department. >> reporter: other cities will soon jump on board as well, new york and philadelphia. now as they make the yellp announcement, he serves as a chairman of innovation and technology and coming up we will tell you about a similar program in los angeles and how it changed the way acted in response. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:34 san francisco police may stop pharmacies but
5:36 am
thieves are trying to steal highly addicted pain killers like oxy cotton. two drug stores were hit earlier this week and a palo alto wall greens was hit. they are now planning gps devices and fake bottles to try to track those thieves. >> the closest thing you can think of which we can do the gps on for robberies and thankfully bank robberies are way down. they have used them to track stolen cell phones and nationwide, robberies have invested 70% -- have increased 70% since 2010. they are protesting the nudity ban and they will hear a class-action suit claiming
5:37 am
first amendment rights. they exempt the events such as the beta breakers. new this morning, some of the best companies to work for are right here in the bay area. janine de la vega joins us now from mountain view to explain why google tops the list. here is more. >> reporter: it comes as no surprise since it made the list four times. the google costs complex is more like a college campus for pets and electric cars and as you can see they have free bikes to get around. the search engine offers free massages and free food and access to its wellness centers at its 7-acre sports complex and they foster a positive workplace. extra bonuses for vacation time and california had the highest numbers of companies on
5:38 am
fortune's list. they include net app which ranked 6th and suv financial group. the data system was ranked in the top 100. now to pick the companies, they asked about job sat faction and come -- sat faction and comradery. back out here live not too many people lead google but one of its top executives, melissa was lured a way to work for yahoo and coincidently why who did not make this -- yahoo did not make this list. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. how is 101 doing? >> it is okay we were watching 101 coming to the 880 split and
5:39 am
traffic report was okay but there was an earlier problem near vermont street and it has been cleared going towards san francisco. and at the toll plaza there is a pickup truck on the upper deck with a flat tire and that's still not causing a big back up but it could cause problems getting into the city. if you are driving on san mateo and dumbarton traffic is okay there. we have a little fog forming in the valley and things are changing a little bit of moisture and it is still cold for many. we still have a come -- component and we have a dry forecast and there may be a dip in the jetstream, once that sets up it is tough to bulging and some of that creeps back in especially around the delta. we will keep an eye on that so
5:40 am
20s and 30s, the city is 34, 28 in roger farrell. it just depends you don't have to go to find warmer temperatures. there is an offshore breeze and it helps out during the date not so much at night. high pressure is still holding firm, it is a warmer pattern, mostly sunny, a little hazy, 60s in sonoma novato, 61 in napa. berkeley alameda san leandro, 54 brentwood livermore, santa cruz sunny veil milpitas and same for half-moon bay and it will be close for san francisco palo alto redwood city. we have a little bit of fog
5:41 am
forming but by the coast and bay some low 60s. we have another spare the air day and that means no wood burning in your wood stove. if you want, you can file a complaint on the website and if you are caught going against that crime... and this is the first time in three years competition is being held and conditions have been calm but waves are expected to grow into those monster waves by this weekend. spectators you will not be a loud on the -- allowed on the beaches after that sneaker wave hurt several people in the last contest in 2010. >> they said no more people on this point and it gave us an opportunity to put a festival
5:42 am
together. >> nearby oceanic will plan to hold a show and they will show something on the falcons. and the school is linked to notre dame. >> also $800,000 artifact stolen from the museum and a new clue in hopes of tracking it down. there is a problem on the bridge which is causing some delays into the cityp and we will tell you more about that coming up. at nature valley,
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we know nature comes together in amazing ways. that's why we bring together natural ingredients, like dark chocolate with toasted oats, or sweet golden honey. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ ♪ i was thinking that i hope this never ends ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious.
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. good morning, 20s and 30s
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and 40s. some lower 60s showing up a little bit coast and bay, here is sal. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 5:43 there is a norovirus outbreak and you are being warned, take extra plea cautions. -- precautions. yesterday at lafayette, people became sick and they blame the norovirus. and they are now following the lead of the united states when it comes to the troubled dreamliner jet. just hours ago, a european agency has announced they are growing jets because of safety concerns. president barack obama is expected to face an uphill battle to get his gun control ideas approved by congress. he needs the american public to put pressure on lawmakers to counteract all the influence of gun lobbyists. new this morning, the
5:46 am
international committee is stripping lance armstrong of his title and the bike racing star spend years sprungly -- strongly denying he ever took performance enhancing drugs. he came clean in an interview with oprah whimphrey which airs tonight. he is the victim of a sick joke. last year the linebacker announced he was inspired from a girlfriend who died of leukemia in but they now say it was all a hoax. he forged a fake name and conspired with others to trick him into believing she died tragically. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand. >> a sports website which broke the story reports that a friend of his couldn't connected the
5:47 am
girlfriend and that he continued with the hoax to further his image. the oakland museum of california wants you to see an artifact stolen this month. reportedly this is worth $800,000. the box was stolen on january 7th. it was probably the other guy who stole gold items and they are offering a $12,000 reward in the most recent theft. they are due in court this afternoon to enter a plea. the suspects are charged with the shooting death of raquel and bobby in november. the two girls were life long friends who grew up in alameda. homicide detectives say he knew the two girls but there is
5:48 am
still no word on a possible motive. he will be here in the bay area speaking at stanford university. here is video of the man there with stevie wonder. there are no more tickets left. there will be a life stream of the video which -- alive -- a live stream of the event starting at 4:30. developers want to add shops and departments to the area and they are set to present the plan next week. if everything goes according to schedule construction could begin by 2015. many people from right here in the bay area plan to be there including two women who campaigned for the president.
5:49 am
joan brown picked up hers and the retired school teacher even had her nails done to show her pride for the president. and mcdonald, she also attended the president's first inn ago racing. >> i am -- inauguration. >> i am hoping it will not be as cold as it was the last time. the temperatures were so terrible even in the good sections where my tickets were and people were just freezing. >> we worked so hard and to have him be reelected, i can't stop grinning, it is silly, i can't stop grinning and i keep standing in front of the freezer to see what it will be like in 32-degree weather. >> they want to help more to carry out the president's
5:50 am
vision. ken pritchett and anotherco anger will be -- and another anchor will be there to view the inauguration and we will have more on that. a tire blew out and they couldn't really get it out of the way and it was in a really bad spot, no spare, head to get the tow truck up there with a flatbed, so it was not a serious accident but it is slowing things down and thank you joe with the camera, joe, around you glad you are not on that bridge? we will let joe answer, he doesn't have a microphone. this is a mess, they turned on the metering lights and if you are driving into san francisco you might think about using bart and i would still use bart to go into the peninsular. the drive time is about still 8
5:51 am
minutes and that's pretty good. 101 and 280 still looks good on the peninsular. here is steve. patchy fog, trying to break down the lows and a hint of something happening next wednesday, we'll see, it is a long way off and they are showing a dip in that jet. some of that patchy fog is in the valley and it is starting to make its presence felt and especially in eastern contra costa county and for others it has been a slow warmup and temperatures are coming up a little bit. still cold up in the mountains, monterey is 37 and it is still cold, we are seeing 20s 30s and 40s and we will have calm conditions, and there is
5:52 am
oakland. most location say calm and so far it pops up and it's a warmer pattern, hazy, not as bad at the coast. patchy fog, upper 50s and low, low 60s. if you are further inland it will be cooler and if you are closer to the bay, gilroy 62, 60s on the coast, including palo alto, menlo park. not much change, temperatures are nice by coast and bay. construction on new homes jumped more than 12% last year and that puts it at the highest percent since june 2008. single family homes and multi- family housing, midwest is showing the strongest growth of 2 5%. banks took back fewer homes and they did repossess 2 5,000
5:53 am
homes across the country and that's down 17% from 2011. the difference is banks are allowing more homeowners to do short sale. 4th quarter revenue is reporting better than wall street expected. e.bay is benefiting from more mobile shopping and that stock is expected to open at about a little. hurricane katrina, the levees around here are not safe including one right here in the bay area. we will have more on which garbage can will be kicked to the curb. ♪
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. good morning, 20s, 30s and 40s, it is will warmer along the coast and bay and highs in the 60s. they will rebuild the boardwalk and the beach has been closed, guarded by police ever since. last night the city was awarded a $3.5 million contract to rebuild the area.
5:57 am
the new boardwalk should be reopened by memorial day weekend. it has been seven years since hurricane katrina and thousands of levees around the countries may fail. experts warn a levee failure there would be catastrophic. they approved $5 billion in funds to sure up the flood protection system but many believe the state needs $12 billion more to complete the job. hundreds of people are gathered in contra costa to honor a fallen police officer. people living in the community of gaul was honoring a highly respected public servant only 30 years old. the man who shot him was not
5:58 am
involved in a burglary as first reported however he did fit the description police were looking for but the motive remains a misery. the -- mystery. he was actually talking to gascon when gascon shot him and moments later he took out a gun and shot himself. the city will ask people to give up their black trash can for a year and they will be asked just to use the blue and green ones. the city thinks it could save money that way and if it does, the whole city can be converted to that system. sal, i know traffic on the bay bridge was getting trashed and it really looked bad. >> it is bad because of a stalled vehicle and we are check the south bay which is getting busier and i will
5:59 am
mention that northbound 280 still looks okay getting up to highway 17 and this is about the time it starts to change but today it seems just a little bit better and unfortunately at the bridge it looks good but it looks like they have cleared that problem on the bridge. we will have more with a look at the toll plaza. she is still missing after five days. we have an update on a missing pleasanton girl and how police need your help. what you need to do to keep from getting this virus. it is cold for some, not as cold for others, high temperatures near coast and bay we will have more on that stay tuned.

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